Contemporary Arcade Coffee Tables and Retro Matter

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Fun follows function at surface tension where we specialise in evoking memories from your video-gaming past while embracing the future with our unique range of contemporary furniture and accessories.

Our products will allow you to re-live that misspent youth with superior design and construction which effortlessly combines practicality with enjoyment. This is retro-gaming luxury style for all the family, young and old alike.

We look back on the 70ís and 80ís with fond memories of ghost-dodging, puzzle-twisting and dice-rolling to influence the design of our products. The ultimate in retro-cool, they are purposely designed for the home, office or games room to bring back all those fuzzy feelings of childhood.

If youíre looking for something a little different for your home, our expanding range of retro furniture and accessories might just be what youíre looking for. From our hangUP arcade coat hooks to our multi-functional Rubikís cube seat. All our products are designed and produced in the UK.

Arcade Tables

Arcane Arcade Coffee Table linking to Specifications

The surface tension arcade table is designed to discreetly bring the finest contemporary personal entertainment to the heart of your living space.

Available in various finishes, combined with mysterious dark glass, these game tables cleverly conceal a vast playground in an elegantly handcrafted piece of furniture.

Retro Matter

hangUP arcade coat hooks in walnut linking to retro matter

We also produce other fun stuff too!

Arcade coat hooks with a choice of backing finishes and customisable colours.

Oversize Rubik's Cubes for your home or office.

And more…

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